PropTech for innovative digitalization solutions

In 2018, Wincasa acquired streamnow, a PropTech company, making it the only real estate service provider in Switzerland to have this type of digitalization expertise in-house. streamnow CEO Maurizio Mancinone and Wincasa CEO Oliver Hofmann explain why PropTechs are becoming increasingly important in the real estate sector and which solutions are in demand in the market for the digitalization of real estate.

Why did Wincasa decide to buy streamnow in 2018?

Oliver Hofmann: We were convinced and have so far been confirmed in this assumption that streamnow's services will enable us to resolve tenants' concerns more quickly and easily and serve them in a more needs-based way. More than 35,000 tenants are already using the "Wincasa Home" app, which is based on streamnow technology. At the same time, it was important for us to continue to offer streamnow as an independent platform on the market in order to appeal to users who are not served by Wincasa.

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