Green city life

The Leutschenbach neighbourhood of Zurich-North is evolving more dynamically than just about anywhere else in Switzerland. With the completion of the three residential blocks that make up the WolkenWerk development, Implenia has made a major contribution to this dynamism, creating a neighbourhood within a neighbourhood. WolkenWerk includes more than 300 owner-occupied apartments, providing homes for around 1,800 people in Zurich’s most northerly and most populous district, while the 300 trees in the new “inner garden” ensure a modern urban feel.

The urbanisation is most obvious around Zurich-Oerlikon train station, where residential densification is taking place in parallel with the creation of all the infrastructure required by a growing population. A glance at the map of the area shows that Implenia is playing a major role in the urban development and greening of Zurich North.

The WolkenWerk lies at the heart of city life: the Hallenstadion indoor stadium, Theater 11 and the Giesserei restaurant are among the landmarks of Zurich’s cultural and night life that are within walking distance. Residents can recharge their batteries at the unconventional MFO-Park and the wide open spaces of the Leutschenpark. The surrounding area is also full of shops, fitness centres and childcare facilities.

City life may be pulsing directly in front of the WolkenWerk, but it backs on to its own “inner garden”. This provides the neighbourhood with a green oasis: residents of the WolkenWerk will be able to retreat to their very own natural recreation area, relax in the shade of the trees, wander through the well-tended greenery and enjoy the changing of the seasons with all their senses.

They will also be able to make use of the roof gardens that crown each of the tower blocks. So families, couples and single people will have their individual retreats while still being able to benefit from the communal life encouraged by the WolkenWerk.

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Teamwork is everything

Mastering the construction challenges, completing the work and achieving the ambitious goals set for the project – all this was only possible thanks to the excellent collaboration and solution-oriented approach of everyone involved. Watch the movie to learn more about how the WolkenWerk team, assisted by LEAN, ensured the project’s success.