IMPACT 1/2021

  • FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY – How we put it into practice and remain top of the class for 2021 - 2025
  • TECHNOLOGIES – How we’re building more precisely and efficiently with artificial intelligence
  • SMART CONSTRUCTION – Making an impression on Europe’s biggest infrastructure project
  • SAFETY AT WORK – Stress and complacency can create danger, but so can routine

Top marks for sustainability

We at Implenia create and build tomorrow’s world. To help us do this sustainably we have set new and ambitious goals for 2025 and are asking the following question for each project: What impact will this have on the environment, society and the economy? This is how it works in practice.


From drone to Cloud

“Reality capture” scans objects, buildings and sites, and replicates them digitally in 3D. This allows us to carry out many work steps more efficiently and more accurately, reducing costs, improving quality and saving a lot of trouble.


Stress is the big enemy

The message is clear: safety at work is Implenia’s top priority – always and everywhere. A visit to the major railway construction site in Liestal in Canton Basel-Land, demonstrates how this can work in practice, despite time pressures and the human tendency to take the easy way.